So... What's GretchYo?

GretchYo is...

GretchYo is a comedy series written by Dallas comedian Gretchen Young aka GretchYo (aka me). This comedy series was inspired by my experiences within my first years performing standup comedy. When I finished my first season of comedy, I realized two things:
First, I needed a quicker way of getting my material to a larger audience. Open mics have limited exposure and traveling to different festivals and shows gets expensive. While both are necessary, I had to find another way to showcase my writing.
Second, once I performed my jokes a certain amount of times, I had to push them aside and replace them with new material. I found this very depressing. I love my jokes with all my heart, and put a ton of time and work into them, so I was determined to find a way to keep them alive.
With experience working behind and in front of the camera, I teamed up with Dark Matter Visuals and Artisan by Trade to bring my comedy to life in the form of video. Once the season of jokes retired, I created a comedy film series to let them live forever through video. Each episode is based off of the punchlines from that previous season of jokes – my way of using all of the buffalo.
In order to keep creative control, I decided to forgo investors and fund GretchYo Season 1 myself. Total cost was approximately $6500, and this cost included the video production team, stylist, actors, wardrobe, craft services, and all props. The total project took 16 days to complete: 5 days preproduction, 8 days filming, and 3 days of postproduction.
The short term goal of GretchYo is to get funding for Season 2. Fortunately, I was able to create GretchYo Season 1 on a barebones budget, but only because I have a lot of talented people that believe in me to the point of donating their most precious asset to my vision – their time. In exchange, everyone involved in GretchYo Season 1 will be offered a part in GretchYo Season 2. So, this goal of getting funding means that I get enough funding to pay my talent what they are worth.
The long term goal of GretchYo is to get picked up by a major network. Call me biased, but I truly believe the quality of GretchYo matches those shows on Netflix, HBO, FX, and Comedy Central without having nearly as much of a budget.
So, without further ado, I invite you to step into the world of GretchYo; a wannabe high caliber person lacking the moral compass to actually be one. Based on Dallas comedian GretchYo’s standup material (and a little on personal experiences), this series will take you on a journey that weaves in and out of reality through the eyes of a woman living life in her 20s making terrible decisions but doing the best she can.