iTOi is a complete video production system for your iPad

The Producer web portal lets you create, manage, and share videos from a web browser. Add scripts, and prepare for recording with the iTOi Director app and iTOi Studio. So naturally, when I was given the opportunity to test and be the voice of the product, I was thrilled.

The Challenge

Without a clear and easy way to explain iTOi, potential customers and investors were often labored when it came to envisioning iTOi. This mental block promoted confusion, and often produced a feeling of negativity when it came to the initial emotion towards the product.

Ideation and direction

The company’s core value stemmed from the belief that the best way to get information across to an audience is through video. Dollar Shave Club’s 2012 viral sales video, “Out Blades are F**king Great” really resonated with iTOi’s CEO Hernan Giraldo. He was attracted to their humorous, informal approach of explaining their product. While a similar video would be great for marketing, it would not always be appropriate for all clients, and could not fill the educational need.

We decided to create two separate iTOi promotional videos; one focused on being an educational tool explaining the product’s features and benefits, the other as a marketing and sales tool aiming to capture an audience through social media.

My Role

I wrote, storyboarded, produced and acted in both commercials. Working with Dark Matter Visuals, the entire process for each commercial from the start of preproduction all the way through post production was completed within 4 days.

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